Aug 30, 2011

Country Fair

I didn't get many photos, but it was nice to come back for a while. I really do miss it. Cinda and Helena and Jedda weren't there :(, but I met lots of other people, and they were all really nice. It was a bit smaller than the previous years, wasn't it?

I love this idea.

Funny that I always wanted a good photo of these pink flowers, it's only now that I left that I actually took some. 

This one is really random 

These are the trees I wanted a photo of

They're so pretty!

I do have other photos, but they're all of the school, and you guys know the school grounds already. I bought four books, but that's to be expected. I really set a limit to how many books I would let myself buy. :P They're really good books too. I'll probably try to come next year too, but it'll be right after my Trials I think...

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